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CSR Pedals review by SimRacingReview

Doug Meyer from SimRacingReview recently uploaded a very professional review of Fanatec's CSR pedals. It is also a very positive review, with biggest pros being adjustability and value, while most of the downsides reviewer discovered are not really cons, but missing features, because these are the least expensive Fanatec pedals, so they do not have a load-cell brake and are not made from aluminum.

ISR's CSR Pedal review and more

I have no idea how I managed to overlook this, but a day after InsideSimRacing published a review of CSR Elite pedals, they also uploaded their CSR pedal review. Here it is for the few of you who have not seen it yet :). Another great review and Shaun scored them 8/10 on the rev scale.

Another big Fanatec review that has been published very recently is by Engadget. Yesterday Joe Pollicino's Fanatec Forza Motorsport CSR wheel and Elite pedals review appeared on their front page. Although not mentioned in the title, they also tested the CSR Shifter Set. Reading recommended.

ISR's CSR Elite Pedal review

Shaun from InsideSimRacing reviewed the new CSR Elite pedals and gave them 9/10 on the rev scale. I think everyone who was asking about how these compare to the Clubsport Pedals will now get an idea. Enjoy watching the video review!

Fanatec pedal inversion - official manual video

Darin Gangi from Fanatec made a really great, official instruction video for inverting either CSR or CSR Elite pedals. It covers the whole procedure in detail, emphasising the critical points, so you should not have any problems inverting your pedals, if you watch it. It is probably smart to have the video running as you go through the whole process and pause when you need to.

I have to admit that inverted pedals look great.

EDIT: This video has been removed from the official Fanatec Youtube account and later re-uploaded to SRT media's Youtube account. Replaced the embed code on 24.1.2012.

CSR Elite Pedal Inversion by Maggieschnitzel

Maggieschnitzel from uploaded a video with photos that show how CSE Elite Pedals get inverted with the optional Inversion kit and  footage of him pressing on each pedal, demonstrating ergonomics and stability. Enjoy watching!

Inversion kits shipping immediately, CSR pedals available for pre-order

Fanatec's new budget pedal set are now finally ready for pre-order. Thomas announced that CSR Pedals are on their way to the warehouses and that they will start shipping them out on December 1st. This means they are now available for pre-order in both Fanatec's EU and US on-line stores.

It was also announced that inversion kits that are compatible with both CSR Elite Pedals and CSR Pedals are now  in stock and ready for immediate shipping (EU, US).

Pricing? 45,95€ / 49.95$ for the inversion kit and 79,95 €/$ for CSR pedals. It is also worth mentioning that while  Porsche 911 Carrera wheel is sold out in USA, the last units in Europe are now selling for only 129,95€. Original price was 159.95 $/€, which means they are offering a ~15% discount.

If good, CSR pedals will be a very important product for Fanatec, lowering barrier to entry into their ecosystem of products. This barrier became quite high after Standard pedals for Porsche wheels disappeared from their web store.

More reviews of Forza Motorsport CSR wheel, Elite pedals and shifters

ISR were the first to review the new Forza branded CSR wheel, but more interesting reviews of the wheel and accessories were published since then and you should definitely check them out:

Overall the reviews are very positive and lead us to believe that the improvements Fanatec made (new force feedback motor electronics and a lighter wheel rim) really make a difference in comparison to previous Porsche wheels. All the reviewers agree that the new shifter paddles are a big improvement, like wheel's strong & smooth force feedback, its tuning functions and the built quality, but the plastic material used on the top of the rim is not welcomed by everyone. Same goes for the table-clamp, which remains unchanged from the Porsche line of wheels. Read more »

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