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Shifter set price drop + Clubsport shifter news

After re-introduction of GT3 RS V2 Clubsport Edition, more good news are coming from Fanatec. They decided to decrease the price of their shifter set from 49.95$/€ to 29.95$/€. That is quite a significant price drop and they are doing it to keep enough of a price difference between it and the new Clubsport shifter, which will be announced soon and will cost 99.95$/€. 

Maybe the more important part of this news is the fact that Thomas reconfirmed the 99.95 pricetag of their upcoming and highly anticipated new shifter, but I also noticed something very interesting in the comments section of that blogpost on

The-Typhoon wrote:

Hello Thomas,

will it be standalone shifter so I can use it with my T500 RS wheel and ClubSport Pedals?

Thomas from Fanatec answered:

I will have a better solution for you.

New information about GT2 wheel shipping dates

If you have ordered or are planning to order a Fanatec GT2 wheel, you probably noticed that shipping date for US was pushed from late May to early June. If you want some more information, here is what Thomas wrote on GTP forums:

The ship will arrive on May 24th in the USA. It depends on how fast the customs are to get it into the warehouse but there is a good chance that we can ship it in may.

The ship to Europe arrives on the 4th of June

So both US and European customers can expect to receive their wheels in early June.

Now let's all hope they can increase production enough to have more constant stock from now on. With Forza 4 coming out later this year, that is probably a tough goal to achieve.

UPDATE on 13.5.2011: Fanatec posted that reason for delays in shipping dates are "many improvements on the quality of the wheels". Link

New shipping dates information

Thomas Jackermeier, the CEO of Fanatec updated his post with shipping information today, covering availability for each product separately for both American and European customers. We now have very detailed information about when people can expect their hardware to be shipped out or appear in Fanatec's web store for immediate dispatch. It looks like the demand for Fanatec hardware is above all expectations at the moment with almost all of the products being backordered and the fact that Chinese new year is here (February 3) certainly does not help these products getting made.

Perhaps the most important/interesting part of this second shipping update is the information about GT3RS V1 to V2 upgrade kits, which are now finally in stock on both continents and they received enough of them to fulfill all open orders, but they have to do some testing before they ship them out.

That is great news for all the owners of GT3 RS V1 wheel and we can only hope everything is alright this time. Good bye centering issues and welcome full PS3 compability!

Two new reviews of the GT2 wheel

Guys and Jessica from InsideSimRacing have made a very good and very detailed video review of Fanatec Porsche 911 GT2 wheel. They liked it a lot and concluded that it is not just a hybrid of Turbo S and GT3 RS wheels they tested a while ago, but actually has slightly  improved force feedback over its predecessors and they think this is due to many slight improvements Fanatec has made over time. Their final score is 89.75/100, which is the highest score they ever gave to any wheel.

That is not the only review of this Xbox 360 compatible wheel that has been published lately. On 21st January another one appeared on Engadget in which Tim Stevens also looked at the Clubsport pedals.

Youtube review of the GT2 wheel

I made a video review of Fanatec's newest wheel and uploaded it to Youtube for everyone to see. I hope you find it informative. It has been up for one week and has been viewed 1300 times until now. Thanks everyone. I recommend switching to HD.

GT3 RS V1 to V2 upgrade kits delayed (again)

This is just super sad news for (nearly) all Fanatec 911 GT3 RS V1 owners. Thomas wrote on his blog, that they received the shipment of upgrade kits, but the cables they got this time are defective and the PCBs are mostly of poor quality. That is a big problem since users would not be able to tell if they messed up the upgrade process or the new parts are defective. They will ship some of these upgrade kits out after they inspect them and sort out the good ones, but it's not enough for everyone who ordered. They are working hard to get new parts as soon as possible and I really hope it will not take too long, because it must be really hard to wait for these for such a long time. Stay tuned for more news on this.

Quite disappointing news, but they definitely made the right decision by not sending out parts that do not meet their quality standards.

InsideSimRacing looks at Fanatec Porsche 911 GT2

As some of you Fanatec fans out there already noticed, InsideSimRacing already has the latest Fanatec wheel in their studio and today they have uploaded video in which Darin Gangi takes a look at it, presents its features and drives one lap in Gran Turismo 5 and in Forza 3 with it. He does not reveal anything important we would not already know (besides the shipping date Dec. 13th), but he presents really nicely and it it cool to look at it on video. Enjoy!

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