Clubsport Pedals

Clubsport Pedals

Top of the line pedal set. Many people say, it is more important to have a good set of pedals instead of a good wheel and they are not wrong. It's a fact that the most crucial seconds are usually lost because of unprecise, early or late braking. The problem is, that it very hard  to brake just hard enough, that you stop quickly, but your wheels do not lock up. This set of pedals has everything to give you an advantage over other sim racers and outbrake them before every corner. Each pedal offers very realistic resistance. Brake pedal does not use a normal sensor, but a load cell sensor which means, that the brake force is not determined by the distance the pedal is pushed, but by the amount of force pressing on it (just like in a real car). It also has a vibration motor, so when wheels on you car lock-up you get warned by it's vibration. Pedals are made completely out of metal and are very adjustable. They can be connected with a USB cable to any computer or via PS/2 cable to any Fanatec Porsche Wheel.


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It is wrapped in Alcantara, has adjustable shifter paddles.


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Thanks to Darin Gangi from

Thanks to Darin Gangi from InsideSimRacing for sharing these photos with us.

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Mounting Clubsport pedals

I just got Playseat's Forza 4 edition and the holes for mounting line up properly (wish I can say the same for my CSR Elite wheel) but the screws are too narrow and slip right through the holes. So what type of screws/bolts/nuts do I need to get, and where?

Clubsport v2 pedals slow response - lag

I got my clubsport v2 pedals a few days ago to upgrade the pedals that came with my thrustmaster t500rs wheel.
First thing i notice is i am missing all my downshifts in iracing cos i am not blipping the throttle properly.
on closer checking the throttle pedal has noticably slower response than the thrustmaster pedals. so my quick blips are barely registering. or i have to blip before changing.

basically i want to know the reason for this. is this as good as they can get or is there something wrong with them. i don't think i could live with them if they are this slow, but i've not seen anyone else complaining. but then it wouldn't be the first time i've had trouble with laggy controllers cos i am sensitive to that kind of thing

No Vibration in rFctor game

I got my Porsche GT3 RS and Clubsport Pedals two Weeks ago.
3 days ago I started to install all of it and everything OK.
Now to my issues, first of all the Wheel when it calibrates itself it is not stopping in the midel ( what I mean is the yellow thing on top on the wheel which is supposed to be in the center) is not it is 2cm to the left then everithing functions by the test with the FANATEC WHEEL PROPERTY PAGE I mean the FF effects even on the Clubsport Pedal page the VIBRATION test is functioning but as soon as I start rfactor I feel frustrated I payed with shipping 350 € the whell when i am sim driving I need to hold it more to the left to be straight on the track and when I fully brake to block my wheels no VIBRATION at all. Can somebody advise me what to do or what I wrongly perhaps did.

Thanks in advance

have you tried Fanaleds? it

have you tried Fanaleds? it has that function because rfactor doesn't

USA Purchase

Appaently these pedals are not available in the USA, not on the website.
Also tried to email through site and it won't let me. Now that I see all the problems listed on here, I'll keep my money that I can't give them anyway. Piss Poor :(

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