Clubsport Pedals

Clubsport Pedals

Top of the line pedal set. Many people say, it is more important to have a good set of pedals instead of a good wheel and they are not wrong. It's a fact that the most crucial seconds are usually lost because of unprecise, early or late braking. The problem is, that it very hard  to brake just hard enough, that you stop quickly, but your wheels do not lock up. This set of pedals has everything to give you an advantage over other sim racers and outbrake them before every corner. Each pedal offers very realistic resistance. Brake pedal does not use a normal sensor, but a load cell sensor which means, that the brake force is not determined by the distance the pedal is pushed, but by the amount of force pressing on it (just like in a real car). It also has a vibration motor, so when wheels on you car lock-up you get warned by it's vibration. Pedals are made completely out of metal and are very adjustable. They can be connected with a USB cable to any computer or via PS/2 cable to any Fanatec Porsche Wheel.


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Awesome. This is what i want!

Awesome. This is what i want!

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adjustable. They can be connected with a USB cable to any computer or via PS/2 cable to any Fanatec Porsche Wheel.
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