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Contacting Fanatec support
« on: December 01, 2010, 02:01:35 PM »
If you are having a non-trivial problem that can not be resolved by other members of these forums and you need Fanatec support, you should visit their official support page, where you can find all the necessary contact information.

To make the whole process faster and easier please, PLEASE give them all the necessary information from the following list in your FIRST email:
In order to help us to process your request quickly you will get a higher priority if you follow these rules:

...include a copy of your invoice (pdf) or order confirmation (e-mail) so that we have all order data
...write down the product name (s) and serial number (s) (can be found on the bottom of the product) not send to multiple e-mail addresses . The request will only be processed if is the only recipient
...make sure you always include the full email history with every e-mail you send to support.
...make a video of your problem. Please send it directly by Email or u pload the video to . Please try to keep it small! If we can verify the issue t his will allow us to send you a replacement unit without waiting for a return of the product. Please do not use youtube or a similar service – we will need to download the file easily!
...make sure you have a problem which is not described in the FAQ the manual. Sounds trivial but 20% of requests could be avoided if the user reads the manual.
...list the following info
Tested operating systems or game consoles on which the problem occurs
Tested games which show the problem

So the email you should send all this information to is: and their phone number is +49 (871) 9221 299 (Mo-Fr 14.00-16.00)

Please also read the following (Thank you Fanatec Benelux for reporting this):
One of our fellow members has found that apparently some internet providers (AT&T, Yahoo) block emails from the fanatec and 911wheel domains. If you send a support request to Fanatec, you should receive an automated answer within a day. If you don't receive such a confirmation then possibly the email was blocked. Try to send the same email using a different email address (e.g. hotmail or gmail).

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this sticky, please send me a personal lessage.
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