Forza Motorsport CSR Wheel

Forza Motorsport CSR Wheel

The more affordable of the two Forza Motorsport branded Fanatec wheels and is guaranteed to give you a great Forza Motorsport 4 driving experience. CSR Wheel is based on the same design as Fanatec's Porsche line of wheels, but has improved electronics and a completely new, lighter and more race car like wheel rim with aluminum front plate and Alcantara grips. There are 3 force feedback motors in this wheel for ultimate immersion and road feel. The main force feedback one is a very strong Mabuchi RS 550 electric motor, which simulates forces coming from the steering rack, while the other two are smaller motors that vibrate, simulating engine rumble, tyre slip, brake lock-up etc. Force feedback is extremely smooth and realistic, thanks to high quality belt driven force transmission system. It has a completely re-designed shifter paddle mechanisms with improved haptic feedback and new aluminum shifter paddles.

It is compatible with all Fanatec pedals as well as with Logitech G25/G27 pedals, but the adapter you need to connect Logitech pedals is not included in the box, it must be bought separately.

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Packages and accessories: 

This wheel comes alone without any accessories, so you also need to buy pedals and possibly also a shifter set. Clubsport pedals are the best pedas Fanatec currently makes, followed by another high-end product, CSR Elite pedals. Both of these have a load-cell brake pedal that simulates the feel and behavior of a real brake pedal. The most affordable option are Standard pedals for Porsche wheels. If you already have a Logitech G25 or G27 wheel, you can use these with Fanatec CSR Wheel with an optional adapter and save money.

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Clubsport pedals Click Click
CSR elite pedals Click Click
Standard pedals for Porsche wheels Click Click
CSR shifter set Click Click
Porsche wheel Shifter set Click Click
RennSport Wheel Stand V2 Click Click
Adapter to connect G25/G27 pedals Click Click

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I would like to see more similar videos of other cockpits.

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What's the best set up loads of u der steer

Problems from the start

Bought The CSR wheel in april and have had a problem with the Right hand side shifter ever since. Fanatec support have been worse than useless, sent it for repairs at cost to myself and it came back in exactly the condition I sent it away (looks like it never got out of the box). So the paddle shifter works on their driver (which I'm guessing is why they aren't listening to me), when I've sent them videos of it acting as if it is pushed down all the time on the XBOX.

Does anybody read this? And if you do have you got any advice/tips of how to get some customer service or a refund/exchange from Fanatec?

Purely for the customer service i would never use Fanatec again and would buy their products second hand when other people have got them working.

CSR wheel and elite pedal set plus porsche shifters

Fabulous products... was a bit nervous when I ordered these as they are to me a lot of money for a 'hobby' item. They are all brilliant and worth every ( penny! I can't begin to say how much better the Fanatec stuff is than the rest of the mediocre stuff on the market...the best tstament I can give is that I purchased the CSR value pack a month ago and wish I had purchased the CSR Elite pedals instead of the standard have ordered them today!!!

Take my advice if you are going to buy the CSR value pack do yourselves a favour and buy the more expensive one at 349 euros..brilliant value and you will LOVE IT!!!

So can I be a BETA tester..please Mr Fanatec PLEASE!!!!

Driving real cars !

Most of the cars in Forza Motorsport 4 is more fun to drive with this wheel than my real car :)

Only for kids?

I have a real car, and I can drive it (for over 20 years now) and I think this wheel is awesome.

hey guys. how do you get the

hey guys. how do you get the clutch to work? it is not an option at the controls so i cant use it.

This wheel is only for kids

This wheel is only for kids who can't drive real cars.

No, this wheel is for racers

No, this wheel is for racers who aren't sponsored by multi-national corporations.

lol, what a wanker...

lol, what a wanker...

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