New Clubsport Handbrake and CSR shifter info

New Clubsport Handbrake and CSR shifter info

Thanks to Fanatec's posts on GTP forums we now know that:

1: Clubsport handbrake will indeed connect to Clubsport pedals to make it compatible on consoles and will work with Forza Motorsport 3 and Forza Motorsport 4 as an analog axis. We can probably safely assume that it will have a USB port for PC racers, but you will need Clubsport pedals to use it on Xbox. Maybe CSR pedals will also do the job, since they will have similar electronics and makes sense to make as many products as possible compatible with each other.

2: Because Fanatec presented so many impressive, new products, no one really paid much attention to the CSR shifter. We now know it uses a similar plastic base as the current manual shifter that is sold in Fanatec Shifter set, but knob on tob is pure metal. Fanatec said it feels heavy and solid and is also less noisy with good tactile feedback.

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You can find more photos of

You can find more photos of this wheel in product's gallery.

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They can be connected with a

They can be connected with a USB cable to any computer or via PS/2 cable to any Fanatec Porsche Wheel.

No News

Are there any update/news on when this will be available?

When will the handbrake be

When will the handbrake be released?
Also can someone comfirm that it will connet to the CSR elite peddals and not just the Club sport peddals???


Come On Answer!

When released?

Hand brake

Where can i order a handbrake??

Just to help u guys out the

Just to help u guys out the handbrake will be able to connect to the CSP and CSRE pedals.

Fanatec in australia?

I really want the new csr wheel kit with pedals and shifters etc, How do i get them if i live in Australia as the Fanatec website doesnt ship here? cheers

Hi, I couldn't wait for


I couldn't wait for Fanatec to sort out distribution here to Australia and so I used to get a CSR Wheel, Clubsport pedals and a rennsport stand. Cost just shy of $900 AUD and I can honestly say it was worth it. I'd love an Elite wheel, but cost made it very hard to justify. Clubsport pedals with a tuning kit is essential. My times in Forza 4 have been massively improved. I can get within 2 seconds of the top hot laps and still improving. where the cheapest I've found to get it to Australia, and incredibly easy to deal with, and very fast took a little over 2 weeks from start to finish.

Hope that helps.


clubsport Shifter

I wonder when the clubsport shifter will be available this year. I was waiting for the CSR shifter, but now I think I'll wait a bit more for the clubsport. Will there be a big difference in the price? Thanks

Handbrake/Elite Availability?

Hey Sonac, first; fantastic website! Great info here. Second, I just went to preorder the CSR Elite wheel, but both the wheel and handbrake are not available on Fanatec's website. Is this because they are sold out or simply not available yet? The standard CSR wheel was still available for preorder, as were the CSR Elite pedals. Any confirmation on whether or not the handbrake will work with the CSR pedals yet? Again, thanks so much for running the site. :)

Oh, and would you recommend waiting for the ClubSport shifter instead of the CSR? I have a complete G25 setup I can use in the meantime with the adapters. Any recommendations on cockpit setups? The Rennsport was a bit heavy price-wise for me when compared to the Obutto for example.

Hi Case

Thanks for compliments!
CSR Elite production is only starting and they are not taking pre-orders yet. Thomas is saying it will be available November/December and they start taking pre-orders once the wheels are on a ship.
We don't know anything about CSR pedals and handbrake comaptibility. It seems logical they would make them compatible, because of the whole Forza 4 hanbrake compatibility and because they would sell more handbrakes that way. I'll try to get that information. (You are asking about CSH compatibility with "standard" CSR pedals and not with CSR Elite pedals, correct?)
I am waiting for the Clubsport shifter, but I already have a Standard shifter set - can you wait without a shifter? :)
About cockpits..hmm..I think a lot depends on your location, because of shipping costs. Obutto looks like a good option, everyone on iRacing forums seem to love it. Right now I am testing a Speedmaster V2.0, which is a really affordable option, if you live in Europe and it is surprisingly good - very stable. I will make a review soon.

Handbrake on my GameRacer Pro ?

Can I mount the Handbrake on a standard Gear Brake mount from GameRacer ? ( )


Yeah the shifter isn't as cool as I had hoped. I do like it will mount up like the other one since I already have the shifter holder kit that attaches to my Playseat. Would be better to have a nice metal casing. Wonder how well it feels. Can't wait to read some reviews on it



I want to make sure. The Handbrake is connect on the Clubsport pedals not directly to the wheel ?
Is it on the actual version of the Clubsport pedals ?



Yes, there is.


Yeeeessss! Handbrake to be able to connect to the CSP FTWWWWWWW!! Hello handbrake corner entries

Shifter not really what I was

Shifter not really what I was expecting :(

That is the CSR shifter, a

That is the CSR shifter, a variant of the standard one.

Don't get the CSR Shifter

Don't get the CSR Shifter mixed up with the new ClubSport Shifter that will be announced later. The product was delayed due the Release of the CSR Series products for Forza.

Need more neeeeeews

Thank you very much Sonac for all you investment in reviewing Fanatec Gears (I first heard about you on youtube, and then I realize that fanatecwheel was built by the same cool guy :) )

Handbrake works on all

Handbrake works on all xbox360 games? (Dirt3,WRC...)

Thank you Sonac for so much

Thank you Sonac for so much work.

It is becoming easier to do

It is becoming easier to do this every day, seeing all the people that come here and read the news :) Thanks for reading!

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