Porsche 911 GT2 Wheel

 Porsche 911 GT2 Wheel

This is one of Fanatec's wheels, that are compatible with three gaming platforms, PC, Playstation 3 and also Xbox 360. It has a quite thick 12" wheel rim wrapped in hand stitched Alcantara for optimal grip and comfort. There are 3 force feedback motors in this wheel for ultimate immersion and road feel. The main force feedback one is a very strong Mabuchi RS 550 electric motor, which simulates forces coming from the steering rack, while the other two are smaller motors that vibrate, simulating engine rumble or warning you when you step on the brakes too hard and lock the wheels. Force feedback is extremely smooth and realistic, thanks to high quality belt driven force transmission system.

It comes with aluminum Clubsport shifter paddles and a Logitech G25/G27 pedals adapter is included if you do not want to spend money on new pedals, so you can simply use your old pedals with it, only buying a new wheel.

It is available in two editions. Standard edition is just the wheel without the pedals and an adapter for G25/G27 pedals (Standard pedals for Porsche Wheels available - see below). Clubsport edition is the ultimate package, that comes with everything the standard edition does plus Clubsport pedals, Porsche wheel shifter set and carbon fiber shifter paddles.

For more images visit this product's gallery.

Packages and accessories: 

Since the standard package of this wheel does not include pedals, it is recommended to buy the Clubsport Edition, that includes Fanatec's well known Clubsport Pedals, which are made completely out of metal, offer realistic resistance and unlike other pedals in this segment, they have a load-cell brake pedal. Porsche Wheel Shifter Set is also included in this package.

If you do not have G25/G27 pedals and want to save money, you can choose to buy the standard package and Fanatec's standard pedals. These are much more affordable than the Clubsports, but not as good and durable.

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Porsche 911 GT2 Wheel - Clubsport edition (Includes Clubsport Pedals, Porsche shifter set and carbon fiber shifter paddles) Click Click
Clubsport pedals Click Click
Porsche wheel Shifter set Click Click
Standard pedals for Porsche Wheels Click Click
RennSport Wheel Stand V2 Click Click
USB dongle for wireless connectivity to PC & PS3 Click Click

PCPlaystation 3  Xbox 360


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Porsche 911 GT2 Wheel | Fanatec wheel fansite

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Lost Cord

Need a new cord that goes from wheel to Xbox for my Porsche GT2 wheel....any ideas' where I could get one!> HELP

gt2shifter set

How do I get the gt2 shifter steering wheel set.

gt2 racing wheel

I am curious whether I should get this wheel. it is expensive and I am seeing lots of negative comments about the wheel and the company. but I am also hearing lots of positive things about this too. this would be the only present if I get this. Is it worth it? please comment on this and give me reasons why I should and why I shouldn't
thanxs alot

GT2 Gas and Brake applies at the same time

I have the GT2 Wheel and my Gas and Brakes both apply when I hit the Gas. Before this problem, The Gas would hesitate or lag. Fanatec has dropped the ball big time! I don't know rather to buy a new pedal kit or steering unit. I waited 3 months for mine and only can use the steering unit, and pedal shifters for the gas and brake.

g25/g27 pedal adapter

Hi just wondering if anyone would know if the the g25/g27 pedal adapter does work before I puchased one. thanks

Far East Asia

Anyone know where to pick these items up in Far East asia ?..

Stiffness of GT2 wheel with F12011

I cannot understand why all the suggested settings for the GT2 have force feedback set so high. When I play F12011 on my XBox360 it is much too stiff. Just a little bit of movement left or right when driving straight causes a lot of resistance in the wheel. The only way I can get the smoothness and sensitivity of the steering as I would expect to get in a real F1 car is to switch force feedback off altogether. Is this an XBox360 specific problem.

Can anyone suggest settings that give me force feedback without making the steering so heavy?

GT2 Wheel FF!!

Yeah I had the same issue, I have turned my wheel down to about 50 now for the FF, works a lot better, man this thing is strong.

Do you have any problems with the engine sound being interupted from the wheel, keeps cutting in and out, this is my issue at the moment, and I can not find any info on this anywhere.

I have tried my controller again and the sound is ok, so when I hook the wheel up, it keeps cutting the sound to the motor all the time, and even in iRacing it does the same thing, so I know it's not the game.

gt2 wheel

m8 the gt2 wheel is great but will update to the new csw in about a yr or so, but its great to see fanatec have give the real sim racing guys the best wheel this time as until u play rfactor or a game similar, xbox and ps3 is for kids and arcade drivers.


When will the clubsport package of this be available? And why is the porche 911 turbo s sold out? I have an xbox 360 so now this is my only option and it doesnt even come with pedals or shifter, so wtf?

gt2 background noise

i am using turtlebeach x41 and am getting lota of background feeddack other players tell me it sounds like a waterfall .tried pluging in to seperate powersource no change.

still no reply

After about 15-20 emails i still havent got any reply from fanatec about my broken wheel... i did what was required sent them videos and detailed problem of the issues im having with my wheel.. i want the wheel replaced.. i paid good money for the wheel they were happy to take my money but not happy to replace my broken wheel .... they offered "repair or refund" this is totaly unacceptable when i paid for a brand new wheel... not my fault they shiped out a defective product so why should i have to suffer?? am i not a paying customer?? did i not do what they asked me to do?? so whats the problem sending me a new wheel ?? i waited over a month and a half for them to delver this broken wheel, how long do i have to wait to get a replacment ??

You are certainly right dude,

You are certainly right dude, they should replace the wheel. It sucks that their cuality control be so defetuous... I hope they solve that problem before I order my wheel

Wheel to xbox

Please, the people of Brazil's crazy about this wheel, bring a huge lot for us, for sure, we will buy! hugs!

gt2 wheel

my wheel seems to turn to the left 2 full turns but on the right only turns 90 deg max why is this? and does this happen to any1 else?

wheel will only turn right 90 degrees

I have the exact same problem with my fanatec porsche 911 carrera wheel, where it only turns right 90 degrees but will turn left two full turns. Does anybody know how to set the wheel so it turns equally both ways?

International Shipping

I really wish they would ship this to South Africa...


Do you guys had any problems playing Forza 3 and this thing decides to torn on the ABS?

GT2 wheel Xbox 360 Forza 3

i dont know if you meen that instead of vibrating the wheel when you hit the brakes, it vibrates when you hit the cluch... was that it? i think this is happening in xbox 360 forza 3 with my GT2 wheel, but since i just bought it today i´ll test it for more daysa and then i´ll be sure...


I looked at the Fanatec site about the wireless USB dongle, and it said that it is only compatible with the Turbo and Turbo S (both discontinued). Has anyone tried using it with the GT2 to establish a wireless connection to the PS3 and/or PC?

It works

Electronics of the GT2 wheel are practically the same as internals of the Turbo S wheel, so there is no difference in compatibility with this USB dongle. I have not tried it myself, because I never bought it, but it definitely works.

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