Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2 Wheel

 Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2 Wheel

Fanatec's GT3 RS V2 is fully compatible with PC and PS3 (perfect for Gran Turismo 5). It is designed to suit even the most demanding sim racers and help them get the most immersive experience and best lap times. It is a replica of the wheel in Porsche 911 GT3 RS car and features the original ALCANTARA® leather. Its wheel rim is one of the biggest measuring 12" in diameter and behind it are two big black aluminum paddle shifters. It is usually sold in package together with Clubsport Pedals and together they are considered to be the best reasonably priced sim racing set. It has 3 force feedback motors (one big motor for main force feedback effects and two vibration motors for special effects), which offer very strong force feedback, that can easily be dialed down if that is a problem.  It offers from 90°to 900°of rotation and degrees of rotation can be adjusted on the fly directly on the wheel.  You can find more photos of this wheel in product's gallery.

What's new in V2:

  • now fully compatible with PS3 (full Gran Turismo 5 compatibility)
  • completely redesigned electronics for perfect calibration and precision
  • new tuning options
  • adjustable ABS vibration for all games

What impresses you right away is the hand stitched ALCANTARA® leather wheel rim. Unlike some other racing wheels this one feels like you were holding a real steering wheel and not a toy. Alcantara leather used on this wheel is the exact same material used in Porsche cars and will not show signs of usage any time soon. It has 3 force feedback motors (1 for primary force feedback and two for vibration effects) and delivers the strongest yet extremely smooth and realistic force feedback effects unmatched by competition. Users say that force feedback on this wheel does not feel as "nervous" as with some other wheels and that is why the extra strength does not make it hard to control. Besides that it has no force feedback dead-zone which means that you feel the road even when your wheel in centered and you are speeding down a long straight.

Packages and accessories: 

Since the basic package of this wheel does not include pedals, it is recommended to buy the Clubsport Edition, which includes well Fanatec's well known Clubsport Pedals, which are made completely out of metal, offer very realistic resistance and unlike other pedals in this segment, they have a load-cell brake pedal. It is also recommended to buy a Porsche Wheel Shifter Set in which you get two shifters, one sequential and one 6-gear + reverse shifter.

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It was released yesterday,

It was released yesterday, works with PWC, PWTS, PWGT2, PWGT3RS V2 and fixes a bug with the drift mode.

Is this true?

Hello, I just wanted to ask a very important question:

I want to buy this wheel (together with V2 Pedals and a Clubsport Shifter) sometime in the future, but I heard from a friend, who apparently had it, that after 1 year, the wheel started to make strange noises and broke completely.
I also heard that on several forums, so I am a little bit worried right now.
Should I consider buying a wheel from another company (Thrustmaster, Logitech etc.) or are these really reliable?

Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2 Wheel | Fanatec wheel fansite

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Just wanted to know if

Just wanted to know if there's any possible solutions for this wheel to be able to work on the xbox 360 like with a converter of some sort, I recently bought the Fanatec 911 GT3 V2 Wheel Package I'm sure the CSP and shifter works but main issue can the wheel?


No this wheel will not work with Xbox. The only wheels for Xbox by fanatec are the GT2,CSR and CSR elite.

Does the Gt3 wheel work for need for speed

Had no problems placing order with Endor usa, recd wheel, pedals etc. waiting for cockpit from Germany and moniter stand. Can anyone tell me if the GT3rs wheel works with Porsche need for speed. Disappointed the GT5 Has no porsches?

GT5 no porsche ??

There are 4 or 5 porsches in GT5 RUF's !!! :P

Clubsport Pedals vs Standard Pedals

I was wondering whats the diference betwen the Clubsport Pedals and the Standard Pedalsim having a crisis trying to pick one i dont know if it will be worth paying 200$ for those Clubsport Pedals PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

Are there other shifter sets that dont invlude the sequential shifter or are other 6+1 shifters from other set compatible

Never tried standard pedals, but...

I think I can say that Clubsports are in a completely different league even if I never tried the standard pedals. In my opinion they are worth the money, but you have to decide if you want to spend that much on pedals. If you have more specific questions, just ask :)

There are no other shifter sets - just this one with both shifters.

Terrible Support / Ripped Off On Shipping Reimbursement

First I received a broken wheel from these guys upon arrival. I contacted them two times via email without a response (I waited several days between contacts). Finally someone responded to me and offered to send me a new wheel after I sent emails to multiple contacts stating I want a full refund and am tired of waiting for support to contact me.

Thew new wheel works and I sent back the old wheel out of my own pocket. They promised to reimburse me but they still have not reimbursed me. I sent 3 responses and they have not responded back, I waited several days between responses (several weeks later still no response about reimbursing me).

One thing to note was that they responded very quickly to me (within 1-2 days) when I asked them where to ship the broken wheel back but when it comes to being reimbursed there is no one in sight.

I would have rather bought the Logitech wheel then to buy this wheel if I knew service was this bad. They will probaly never reimburse me for my $18.75 shipping..

Slow / No Email Response But Great Product

I just checked my account and it looks like my credit for the shipping is there!

I love the product, just wish they had better email response! Thanks Fanatec!

- Satisfied Customer, Raymond


Hey, I'm here again to ask if you have anymore info on the CSE. Me and my dad are making a PVC Rig for GT5. Anyway, it doesn't look like anything is said yet for this wheel's CS realese date. BTW do you know of where I can Pre-order it.

From what I know it can not

From what I know it can not be pre-ordered until it appears in Fanatec's store. If you follow news on this website or @fanatecwheel on Twitter, you will get to know as soon as it is for sale again.

GT3RS wheel/peddles set up....

Im interested in getting this package but am worried about the setting up, Is it true that when you unbox it you have to download somthing for it?
Im playing GT5 so dose'nt the wheel work strait away and if not whats involved and what do you have to do?
Any help would be apreciated.......

It does work straight out of

It does work straight out of the box. What you are probably talking about is a firmware update. Fanatec releases a new firmware version from time to time to enhance functionality, so you can update your wheel if you want to. At the moment the latest firmware version is 681 and all new wheels come with it installed already.

911 GT3 RS V2 CSE

I need a good set of pedals for a wheel. I learned that the 911 GT3 RS V2 has a Clubsport Edition (CSE). The CSE is all sold out and I would like this wheel as soon as possible and was wondering if it would be cheaper to buy the wheel and the CS pedals seperatly, or wait for the CSE to be back in stock.

CSE was cheaper

CSE was priced at 320$/€ before it was sold out, but no one knows when we can expect it to become available again for sure. From what was told online, probably not before May. Also we don't know if they will keep the same price.


Alright, thanks for helping me man. This looks like a great wheel from what I've seen and heard.

PC issue

I'm very pleased by this wheel, it works perfectly on my PS3 and GT5.
But yesterday I tried it on a PC where I have installed the fanatec drivers on, I connected the wheel, and turned it on, then it calibrated itself, and did not return to center.

What I mean is: it turned left, then right (or the opposite, does not remember) and when it is supposed to return to center, it went too far away. And then when I move the wheel left or right it never returns to center, like if force feedback is desactivated and the motors off.

It works perfectly on PS3, I just have an issue on my PC. Any idea? Thanks

Probably fine

Hey. That's actually normal on PC. On PS3 force feedback is enabled all the time and centering force centers the wheel if you turn it, but on PC force feedback actually only gets enabled in games, when you start a race. Did you test it in games? Does it work as it should? Does your car run straight if you hold the wheel straight? If yes, then everything is fine ;)



I am on the verge of buying a new steering set for my PC. As steering wheel im very interested in the Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2.
As i understand the internal mechanics differ from the logitech wheel. As Logitech uses gear driven system, Fanatec uses the belt driven system.

At YT i saw a vid of a person who said the belt ran of the wheel so it didnt give any FFB anymore. Is this still posibble for the belt to run off the gear system?

Second: a belt is a belt and sooner or later there will become slack in it. Is this an easy fix?

Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2 Wheel | Fanatec wheel fansite

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It's not impossible for the

It's not impossible for the belt to run off, but I heard of only a few such cases and thousands of these wheels were sold, so it is very unlikely to happen. Things can go wrong with any product and that's why they have warranty.

Second: I haven't heard of such a case, really. That belt is quite durable (i'ts made by Gates corporation) and even though I am not very familiar with the mechanism inside the wheel, I think there must be some kind of belt tensioner inside.

Out of stock???

I want to order the GT3 rs V2 wheel but the fanatec website says its "currently unavailable". But iT also says that pre orders will be shipped at the end of Dec 2010. Can i still order it anyway even though i might have to wait for a month?

when would you send it more or less?

Hi, I want to buy the porche gt3 rs v2, but I would like to know when you would resume shipping and when would you send it to Spain, in this case. It is that I must make some travels in future months and I would like to know when you would send it or what out of stock means...you would send it within january or more time...? thanks

Unfortunately this is a

Unfortunately this is a fansite and none of Fanatec employees are present here. If you want precise information, you will have to contact Fanatec through their online store. I can only tell you what arrival dates for GT3 RS V2 in Europe were posted on their blog:
Jan 7th
Jan 14th
Jan 21st
Feb 4th
I think it would be shipped before the end of January since they are getting a new shipment very soon.

Beware Endor USA LLC

Guys... just a warning that you may not want to order from Endor USA all you US and Canada customers.. first of all, when I tried to purchase via paypal, paypal gave me a warning that the seller was considered risky, and would not allow me to purchase via instant-transfer.

Secondly, check our their "F" BBB rating

They have not responded to any of the BBB's repeated requests for company information.

While these things alone are not enough to say this is a bad company.. it certainly makes warning flags go up, and because of this I will no longer be ordering a Fanatec wheel.

Very Sad that overseas distribution ruins a good companies rep.

Hello. I have a few questions

I have a few questions about this wheel.
1. Can anyone tell me where can i find specification for the settings in the wheel. I don`t know what are this settings for. Smoe I know but some not.
S_1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ??
Sho - ???
dri - i know it means drift, but what this actually do??
AbS - ok. But whats the different between if i set 10 or 90?
Lin - ????
dEA - ????

I know only this 2:

2. Where can i check my firmware version of the wheel?

3. How to make the little display works in games? Like i want to make it shows car rews. Is it possible?

Sorry for this probably noobs questions. But i can find anywhere answers for my questions.

Wheel settings

This shuold help you out. SEN: Sensitivity. Angle of rotation of the wheel. From 90 ° to 900 ° adjustable in steps of 10 °.

FF: Force Feedback. Strength of response of the steering wheel. From Off to 100 adjustable in steps of 10.

SHO: Shock. Vibration from the steering wheel. From Off to 100 adjustable in steps of 10.

DRI: Mode Drift. Resistance to the turning of the wheel. From Off to 5 in steps of 1.

ABS: ABS mode. Indicates the blockade of brakes by means of the vibration from the steering wheel (requires enabled SHO) and brake pedal
(only pedals manufactured).
This is indicative, not read the telemetry of the game and imminent lock brakes is not accurate.
From Off to 100 adjustable in steps of 1.

LIN: Linearity. To have the precision of a 900 ° steering wheel and a wheel of 270 ° quick movements. Normally
in 0, it increases the linearity as you disgrace the sensitivity. From 0 to 100 adjustable in steps of 10.

DEA: Dead zone. Increase the dead zone allows you to move the wheel a few degrees without affecting the movement of the vehicle.
From 0 to 100 adjustable in steps of 10. (Normally this parameter always go to 0).

MMR: Pier. ???

DPR: Damper. This parameter allows you to change the strength of damping Force Feedback in games with much Damper
as WRC 2010. Normally always go to 0 except in games in which noteis the wheel "creaks" when turning, Dirt2 or
WRC 2010. From + 3 to - 3 in steps of 1

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