Porsche wheel Shifter set

Porsche wheel Shifter set

This set consists of two shifters, one sequential and one H-style shifter with 6 gears + reverse. That is why they offer better quality than shifters that combine H-shifter and sequential- shifter in one piece. They can easily get connected to and Fanatec Porsche wheel with a supplied cable and mounted to it with two steel rods, that also come in the package.

H-style shifter offers realistic resistance an overall feel, while the sequential one has two microswitches for fast and precise gear shifting. They get mounted directly to your Fanatec Porsche wheel with two metal rods, so you do not have to mount it separately each time you want to race.


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H shifter

Hello I just got a fanatic gt2 I got it all alone the wheel and shifter and pedals well not even 2 days into playing when I shift into 3rd it wants to move a little bit and says its in neutral just to hold 3rd I have to hold the shifter down could anyone give me any advice I would greatly appreciate it

OEM PS2 Male to Male cant work on both shifters

Hi There,

I'm from Singappre. Recently just bought Fanataec Shifters. After hook up the sequential shifter with nuts and both in order to relocate to another position on my cockpit, I plug the shifter with a longer PS2 Male to Male cable that I bought from IT Store. Unfortunately, in iRacing shifter wizard menu Shift down selection was undetected. I had tried two set of PS2 OEM cable from different manufacture but same problem still persist. However, when I switch back with supplied short PS2 cable from Fanatec, it works perfectly fine. Kindly advise what could be the problem ?? Do I really need to order a longer PS2 cable from Fanatec directly.

Looking forward for your reply

Steady shifter Tip

A couple of friends and I came up with a easy fix to the freeplay you get when changing gears. All you need is a Nut and Bolt with two 40mm or 50mm washers. Just feed nut and bolt with washers at both ends between the two metal poles that are attached to wheel. Job done no movement. A vast impronment. Try it.

floppy csr shifter on wheel

simple fix and works well. Thanks for the tip.

Steady Shifter Tip

Could you post a pic?, I am not sure how you insert that bolt. :-)

Porsche wheel Shifter set | Fanatec wheel fansite

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Is it possible to mount the shifter without the metal rods? Does it have any screw holes or something underneath?

mounting shifter

There are no holes. You have to dril holes yourself. This can be done, because there is space, but you have to dismantle the shifter first to find out the right location (4 screws)

shifter problems

my gear shifter is not working properly. i try recalibrating it. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. if u have any suggestions please let me know.


Hi, how do you re calibrate the shifter mine is messed up and first gear is third reverse is first third is fifth then all the others are fine.

how can i order my shift?

Hi! This is Christine from Hong Kong. I have currently got my GT2 wheel and I would like to purchase a gear shift from your website. But I am sorry that I cannot find my country from the scroll menu. I am from Hong Kong, a special administrative region from China.

Could you please advice what can I do and also the shipping cost?! Many thanks for your kind reply!

All the Best!


Porsche wheel Shifter set | Fanatec wheel fansite

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Thank you Sonac. I'll look

Thank you Sonac.
I'll look into this when I get my Clubsport edition GT2 package.


Fanatec shifter cable?

Hi all.
I have a GT2 CS edition on the way (it's finally shipping), my concern is from the PDF manual, it looks like the shifter cable is kind of short, I would like a longer cable. What kind of cable does the shifter to wheel use, I see in the manual it says a PS2 cable, is this the same as some sort of Playstaion 2 cable readily available at electronic stores?
I know Fanatec sells a longer shifter cable, but my problem is when I get my wheel, I want to re-do my cockpit and can't wait to get the cable from Fanatec. Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated.


You won't have trouble finding it

What you need is a male to male PS/2 cable (it is also called Mini Din 6 cable) and it has absolutely nothing to to with Playstation 2. You should be able to find it in most big online computer stores and you'll see that it is the same type of cable that was used for keybords and mice before they switched to USB cables.

The H shifter is garbage.

The H shifter is garbage. Feels like trash, ended up not working and eventually snapped off. Fanatec needs to take notes from other PC shifters and make a better quality product for purchase.

H Shifter

Yes, The H shifter is garbage. Nearly impossible to find 3rd gear. Not really directly above 4th gear. Feels like 3rd is 1st gear. Also, i can get into 5th gear on two different detents that my shifter has. This this is plastic crap!

Are you sure there isn't

Are you sure there isn't something wrong with your shifter? It is clearly not the best shifter, but I never ever miss a gear with mine and 3rd is directly above 4th gear. Really weird.


I would like to add to this statement. When I first got my shifter I hated it, it couldn't hit a gear for anything, moved constantly, and pulled the cable out several times in the middle of a race because of its constant migration. Didn't take me long before I decided to use JB Weld to glue it in place on the metal poles. Ever since the feel has improved, shifts are easier to hit (though the tight pattern and some parts inside that stick still cause misses occasionally), and it obviously doesn't move anywhere. The sound is still horrendous, which I honestly never noticed before I got speakers I didn't hardly hear it under my Sennheiser headphones.

I've heard a LOT of people online complain about their shifter breaking off... This is because of one of two things. Either A) you received a faulty device or B) you're insanely abusive to your products. I can vouch for this as my two year old son who weighs 28lbs has hung from my shifter with all his weight in attempts to mess me up during races. So I really don't see how you could ever break one of these under normal operations... of course someone like my brother who destroys everything could do it and would say something silly like "I was trying to be gentle" he just doesn't know the meaning of the word.


I did buy a steering wheel and a GT3 RS clubsport v2.
I have already uneshifter H 6.1 I wonder if you sold the sequential shifter alone ..
Thank you in advance

You should contact Fanatec

You should contact Fanatec sales via the "Contact us" link in their webshop to find that out. I somehow doubt it is, but you never know.

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