Forza 4 - road car settings (updated for latest patch)

Forza Motorsport 4
Xbox 360
Wheel owned: 
911 GT2
In-game settings

all in and outer deadzones set to 0 and 100 respectively
force feedback scale - 62%
vibration scale - 100%

On the wheel settings
Sensitivity (SEn): 
Force feedback strength (FF): 
Vibration strength (Sho): 
Drift mode (dri): 
Linearity (Lin): 
Deadzone (dEA): 
Spring (SPr): 
Damper (dPr): 
Other instructions

when playing drift modes, change drift setting on wheel to 2 or 3

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muito bom esse setup salvou o

muito bom esse setup salvou o meu gt2 !

IMHO, any setting either both

IMHO, any setting either both in game FF and on wheell FF are set to 100 or both SPR and DPR set to '0' will get no good results. So give these setting above a go, wont regret it!

not at the moment

This was a good setting, but the latest patch for Forza4 from Turn10 screwed everthing up!
I changed an old saying into ; if you dont have a nice file to patch, then dont release it :)

damn that sucks. I haven't

damn that sucks. I haven't played forza in a while. I'll check it out with the latest patch

hey mate, thomas from fanatec

hey mate, thomas from fanatec advised to change steering type from 'simulation' to 'normal' to fix everything after the latest patch. I did it, now its nice as before. So dont change the previous wheel and ingame setting, except steering to normal!

damn should have tried that

I didn't see this comment before i went and played with the settings... might have helped. It doesn't matter much though as I think my new settings are even better than what i had before.

in game FF

hey mate, can you check the in game settings espec. in-game FF level after update, maybe we should add more FF?? If you find better set, please post it here.

turn off drift

did you turn off drift mode? That seems to add a strange centering effect

i did that. BUt I find myself

i did that. BUt I find myself driving between drift off and 1.
And for faster cars, I set sens to 540 and 360. It depends how quick the car is. Thanks for the advice.


very nice settings. Addition to that i set my clutch to 15 and change drift to 2.
Thank you

Forza 4 - road car settings (updated for latest patch) |

Hurrah! After all I got a webpage from where I be able to in fact get helpful data
regarding my study and knowledge.

yeah i ended up changing

yeah i ended up changing drift to 2 as well.
thanks for the feedback

your setting are ace bud,

your setting are ace bud, well happy with them , you can really feel the tyres about to lte go on the bends


This is brilliant! I find the setup to be the perfect 900 to date.
In first minute, you may find the steering a bit loose, but you become to realize that 'this is it!' With this setup I feel like Im dirivng a real car!
I was experiencing some diffculties with normal 900 with a lot ffback and was thinking why do people use lots of ffback, its like driving a 50 year old car with soo heavy steering. And was thinking selling the gear.
You saved the day, the month and the yaer for me. Thanks sooo much. Keep up the good work mate. CHEERS :) 5 stars!

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