SRH's dash prototype for Fanatec wheels

SRH or Sim Racing Hardware, the company that developed a special mounting system that enables you to attach an SLI-Pro or SLI-M unit last year to Fanatec's Porsche line of wheels (here is my video review of it) and later also developed a similar product dedicated to CSR and CSR Elite wheels is now coming out with another, more radical Fanatec compatible product. They revealed it on their Facebook page last week and it is a full dash for Fanatec Clubsport Wheel or Fanatec CSR Elite wheel, consisting of two separate parts. The main part has two button boxes attached to it (left and right), while the SLI mount is an optional extra. According to SRH's Facebook comments they are still making small adjustments, so the final product might be a bit different than what you can see on the photos below. Hopefully we will have a full feature list for you to read in a few weeks. They are hoping to start taking pre-orders before the holidays and to ship out first orders in January.

SRH are also rumored to be working on other modular attachments for the this dash, so future should be interesting.


Final Clubsport Shifter beta testing to begin in January

In a comment on Fanatec's Facebook page it was revealed that Fanatec is planning to start the final round of beta testing for the Clubsport Shifter in January 2013. They also mentioned the following:

It is a very complicated product  with an amazing mechanism inside so things are a bit more complex than it seems.

Unfortunately the final release date is not determined yet.

Let's hope everything goes smoothly and that final beta testing will not uncover any major bugs that could further postpone launch. It would be interesting to hear your predictions on the internal design of this shifter. Why do you think makes it so "complex"?

CSL Seat now available for pre-order + surprise

Fanatec CSL Seat that we wrote about in late November can now actually be pre-ordered. Originally it was said that it would be available for pre-order the week after news broke out, but for unknown reasons it was delayed for a little while. It is available both in EU and US online stores along with detailed specifications. Thomas is saying that the fist shipments will actually arrive before Christmas.

Fanatec also released a high quality video, showing their new cockpit from various view points and demonstrating its adjustability options, which there are many.

But wait, that is not all! Maybe the most interesting part of the news that was released today is the fact that CSL Seat photos and the video show the long, long anticipated Clubsport Shifter mounted to it. It is quite easy to confirm that it indeed is the Clubsport Shifter, because it is very similar to what was shown on the prototype photo that Thomas posted in March 2012. The final product looks much more refined thanks to its anodized black aluminum finish. This must mean that its release day is finally close and all we can hope is that its design has matured like a good wine. In case you do not remember any more - initial specifications for the Clubsport Shifter were revealed in summer of 2010.

I hope we will soon receive more information about the new shifter, so make sure you come back for more news.

New Fanatec website finally up and running

Yes, it is true. The new Fanatec website is now finally up and seems to be running flawlessly. At first glance improvements over the original website seem to be quite massive and while it is hard to say whether it is worth the wait, first impressions are definitely positive.

Here are some of the most noticeable improvements:

  • Completely new design
  • Online store and main website are merged into one.
  • Online shopping is now available to two new territories: Japan and Australia.
  • Japanese translation is available.
  • Product pages are much richer with more photos and information. Layout is much better.
  • Compatible accessories are listed on each product's page. There are also sections for reviews and downloads.
  • You are now able to confugire your new sim racing setup through a completely new Configurator, which makes it very easy to put together a set of any of the following types of products: wheel, pedals, shifter and cockpit. Like product pages, configurator also lists all the compatible accessories for selected products and makes it very tempting to add a bunch of optional accessories to your purchase.
  • Special Offers & Bundles are available at the bottom of the configurator page.

Fanatec's black friday deal

It is worth mentioning that Fanatec is offering a nice deal for those who are looking to buy a new Clubsport Wheel. If you buy a Clubsport Wheel base and a GT Rim (combined price 699,95 USD / EUR), they will give you a Formula rim for free.

Regular price for these three products combined is 879.85 USD / EUR, which means that you get a 20,5% discount.

If you are from EU, you can buy it here and if you are from US/Canada, you can find it here.

New Fanatec product: CSL Seat

It has been a while since I posted anything on this website, but it has also been a while since any exciting new Fanatec products were announced. Today this has changed!

Thomas announced an unexpected new product. It is the CSL Seat, a new cockpit that was, quite clearly, missing in their product/price range. It will cost 299,95 USD / EUR and will be available for pre-order as soon as next week.

I must say I got really excited when I saw its photo, because it is a rebranded Rinoseat GTR, which has always been close to my heart, even though I never actually got to try one. It is cleverly designed by a Croatian engineer Renato and thanks to a unique aluminium tube construction it is compact, highly adjustable, light and (according to people who bought it) incredibly sturdy. Another benefit of its design is that both the frame and the seat come completely disassembled and fit in a relatively small box for easy shipping. Read more »


Fanaleds updated to version 0.3d

Only a few days ago Fanaleds plugin version 0.3a was released, but guys working on it made several improvements since then and have just released a new version. They are now at 0.3d and the following changes have been made:


  • Improved detection for Race On series
  • Plugin now asking for Admin rights


  • Bugfix for 100% CPU usage on rfactor/simbin/iracing


  • Wheel display updates only when needed
  • Updaterate to 40hz

You can download the new version at Fanaleds download pageIf you are already using Fanaleds, an upgrade is definitely recommended.

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