Codemasters F1 2012 Recommended Wheel Settings

F1 2011
Xbox 360
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CSR Elite
In-game settings

Stumbled across this on the F1 2012 Codemasters Forum - I assume they work just as well for F1 2011...

"We’d also like to share our own advised wheel settings for F1 2012. These should provide a good overall baseline setup for most wheels."

Advanced wheel settings:

Steering deadzone – 1%
Steering Saturation – 5%
Steering Linearity – 4%
Throttle deadzone – 0%
Throttle saturation - 0%
Brake deadzone – 0% (2% if using load cell brakes)
Brake saturation – 0% (10% if using load cell brakes)

Force feedback options:

Environmental effects – 20%
Feedback strength – 100%
Wheel weight – 10%

In terms of the settings on the CSR Elite, sens needs to be 270, with the damper setting at dpr: -3)

Haven't tried them yet but I assume they work fine if these are the settings that Codemasters use.

On the wheel settings
Sensitivity (SEn): 
Force feedback strength (FF): 
Vibration strength (Sho): 
Drift mode (dri): 
Linearity (Lin): 
Deadzone (dEA): 
Damper (dPr): 
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Portman Len
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In the interview Thomas of

In the interview Thomas of Fanatec announced that the Carrera Wheel is now almost ready.sales tax calculator

You will break your wheel

You will break your wheel having the in game FF at 100. These settings are not good.

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